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Chemical Free Cleaning – 100% Natural and Eco Friendly

Chemical free cleaning products, 100% natural, eco friendly, free from chemicals, safe to use around children and pets and great for people with allergies!

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  • Gillian

    I love my cat but she is smelly, I try to be house proud but it’s hard with her. Thank you for letting us know about this product, being pet friendly too is exactly what I need! , Im going to give it a go!ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Gillian, It is perfect to use around pets. I have found mine actually quite like the smell and it gives a lovely refreshing smell to the room.ReplyCancel

Seeking Christmas & Summer Contributors

I am a planner and like to think ahead and am already planning my Christmas blog posts! However, over the next few months I would love to feature some guest posters (you don’t have to be a blogger) sharing craft projects, room makeovers, Christmas recipes and more. I thought it would be fun to seek some contributors to share posts about Christmas, summer, school holidays or back to school. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please keep reading!

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Kids Lunchbox Idea #10

Find below some inspiration for your kids school lunch box ideas.  Click links below to read more post I have shared about kids lunch boxes: more lunch box ideas for kids very popular 2 ingredient lunchbox scrolls recipe 50+ freezer friendly lunch box ideas a guide to choosing the best lunch box for kids healthy school […]

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Meal Plan – Fish Tacos and more

The perfect meal if you’re looking to up your weekly fish intake.

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  • Michelle

    Hi ya Kat, there’s a similar recipe in the original thermie cookbook that does cook spaghetti really well. Think its called creamy tomatoe and salami fettachini. I follow it but use chirozo instead of salami and prefer to cook chirozo in frypan (no oil necessary) separately though.ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    I have made that basil and chorizo pasta dish before in the thermomix and I agree. Tastes amazing, but the pasta shreds. I would love to know where you get your thermomix recipes from and how often you use your thermomix. I am after some more ways to use mine, as I have only had it about 3 weeks. Thanks!ReplyCancel

How To Store And Organise Kids Bath Toys

9+ budget friendly and easy ideas to store and organise kids bath toys to help keep them tidy and clutter free in your bathroom

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  • Loris Mavrick

    Loved reading the article about you and your Nanna in Take5 magazine Katrina. Well done.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      It was a lovely story, i agree Loris.:)ReplyCancel

  • Mel

    Great ideas – I was just looking around for these kinds of things the other day. I decided to use the 3M hooks and basket idea. Suctions cups never stay put for me. I found a cute blue wire basket from BigW that matched our bathroom decor, so it’s a little stylish at the same time.ReplyCancel

Fun Family Movie Night + Giveaway

Create some special moments with your family by planning a fun family movie night in the comfort of our own home, snuggling up on the couch together. Plus a FREE family movie night printable and Tomorrowland DVD pack giveaway.

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  • Rebecca Broderick

    I actually let my daughters be in charge of most of the setting up and organising, they feel so important and excited when we have our movie night.ReplyCancel

    • Cassandra M

      Our movie nights are usually in the school holidays…we sometimes have disco glowbowling with empty bottles and glow sticks in them..they double as movie lights..we wind down with pillows and blankets on the loungeroom floor homemade popcorn..sometimes a pizza party..the kids also like to dress up as their fav movie characters while watching the movie.
      We keep movie nights to the holidays so they can stay up later..Its something to look forward to for them.ReplyCancel

  • nicolle lewis

    My kids enjoy movie night cuddled up in my bedReplyCancel

  • Nikoly

    I think it is mainly just the time spent together, having snuggles and just doing nothing. I also like to think the kids enjoy that we actually watch their movies so when they talk to us about them they know that we know what they are talking about.ReplyCancel

  • Mick G

    Let everyone partake in the movie selection and preparation of snacks such as popcorn etcReplyCancel

  • Kelly

    My top tips for enjoying family movie night are to have an early dinner, a fun, family favourite meal (ours include burritos, hamburgers or pizza, all homemade yum!), and to have a small amount of special treats to eat during the movie (like Maltesers or lollies – my kids love this as we don’t let them have treats like this all the time) and for parents to be consciously present during the movie and really enjoy the experience with your kids. As they say, kids grow up so fast and there will only be a certain amount of time we have where the kids will actually want to do this with us! And I think kids know the difference between when you are really in the moment with them and when you are tuned out or mindlessly looking at your phone, tablet or laptop :) Here’s to many happy family movie nights!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer D

    We live to let each child choose a candy treat to mix in the popcorn. We make homemade individual pizzas which and smoothies. Then curl up to eat and watch the movie with lots of blankets and pillows in the living room.ReplyCancel

  • Sharon M

    Every Saturday night in our house is ‘Family Movie Night’ so all our children look forward to it heaps!!! We also have a voting system where we all get to pick three dvds off our shelf and I also get some dvds from the local Library. We then write down our top two picks and we do a tally and the movie with the most votes wins!!! This process takes about half an hour at the minimum so it is quite a build up towards the movie :) :) Happy watching!!! p.s. there is always a bowl of treats for everyone :)ReplyCancel

  • Vicky Wanless

    Make sure the dogs are already fed and happy so they don’t interrupt! Snacks all around for everyone and a vote on the movie to watch so we all enjoy the film.ReplyCancel

  • We love popping a bunch of popcorn and inviting friends over to watch togetherReplyCancel

  • I love at-home movie nights. I think it’s almost my favourite thing to do!ReplyCancel

  • Di

    Not feeding hubby any gassy foods (or ‘fart fodder’ as he calls it) for a good 24 hours prior to family movie night!! This way he doesn’t silently sneak things out, then sit there in denial as we all choke or need to evacuate and miss most of the film!!ReplyCancel

  • Ern

    Talk during dinner, get the chatter out. Cover every topic you and the kids can bring up, so they don’t talk all the way through the movie! Yes I am a Dad to girls and can they talk or what, and always through or over the crucial parts of a movie. Love them to death but it does get annoying during what should be a quiet time.ReplyCancel

  • Agnes

    my tip is to pick a movie everyone can enjoy. Sounds simple but with an age range of nearly seven years between the kids in our family it can be a challenge. Our favourites have included Back to the Future, The Neverending Story, A Cat in Paris and Arrietty.ReplyCancel

  • Justine Franklin

    Make sure everyone is comfortable with the movie choice. I divert the home phone to the answering machine so there are no interuptions. Schedule in an intermission. There are 5 of us and nearly all of us need a short break (if you get my drift) during the movie. Rather than pause 5 times, knowing there is a break, i think subconsciously, you can wait until then. Most of all try to be relaxed, forget about the stress of the day and just be in the moment.ReplyCancel

  • Bel

    Tip 1: after dinner set the timer and get the gang excited about tidying up with a reward (popcorn, choctop, etc) if they beat the buzzer.
    Tip 2: have an intermission for teeth and bathroom after food is consumed /at the half way point / yawning startsReplyCancel

  • Victoria

    Make sure it’s a movie everyone can enjoy and also make sure everyone has their own favourite snack – we had to put popcorn on hold for while as my daughter had braces so we substituted with vege chips (her favourite) so she could still enjoy without feeling left out. Looking forward to our first movie night WITH popcorn now there are no more braces!ReplyCancel

  • julie

    Best movie night is camping out in lounge room with our favourite snacks and drinks and fall asleep together watching moviesReplyCancel

  • Kate

    We do Movie Night at home on a Friday (each fortnight). The two kids alternate between choosing the DVD for the night or the ‘treats’. They love it as they get input each time.ReplyCancel

  • Karen Edwards

    We start our movie nights early when having dinner so we have an easy picnic dinner on the floor in front of the tv that way our little ones can still have an early night and watch the whole movieReplyCancel

  • Penny Marrett

    Making it a regular thing rather than a one off makes it good family time also letting kids pick the movies as well as making the treats/snacks gives us extra time to spend together. We love a good family movie night together and the kids would do it every night if we let them!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Preston

    Make family movie night a time to connect.

    Enjoy the time WITH the children.

    Have all baths out of the way and PJ’s on.

    Turn off all devices, barring the TV etc.

    Load up on the munchies.

    Have 2 movies on hand. A family favourite and a new film.ReplyCancel

  • Kim

    Make sure the movie is going to appeal to everyone and that there is plenty of popcorn…..lights down, sound up loud, phones off and away we goReplyCancel

  • Movie night is Saturday night in our house! With homemade choc bombs being the bomb when it comes to movie snacks!ReplyCancel

  • Katherine Andrijasevich

    1. A family-friendly movie
    2. Lots of movie-friendly snacks
    3. Lots of comfy pillows & blankets
    4. Preferably a cold & rainy night…
    5. Lots of love & cuddles! :-)ReplyCancel

  • Debra Moody

    We always get out the blankets so we can cuddle up together while enjoying the movie, its a great feeling being all together for these special fun times.ReplyCancel

  • Monique

    Our kids are all teens now and they still ask for “Family Movie Night” on a Friday or Saturday night! And…. and they still like Disney movies too!!!! And they do all the setting up, make or buy the lollies, chips, chocolates and drinks to share and make big bowls of popcorn. I’m glad we started this tradition when they were little, as life with teens can get hectic and they’re often busy with part time jobs, studying or staying at friends and they still ask to do Family Night with good ol’ Mum not Dad. Awesome!!!ReplyCancel

  • Pam

    Our family movie nights always include home made pizza (where the kids and hubby choose the ingredients they want), popcorn (salted butter) and smoothies to watch in front of the TV. We bring down our pillows and blankets from our rooms and make ourselves a cosy theatre before playing a game. The winner gets to choose the movie the family watches for the evening :)ReplyCancel

  • James

    I work shift hours and I always appreciate my wife for organising family movie nights.
    Top tips: put away all phones, laptops and tablets, and each one goes around the room to share what’s up that day.
    Love each other and want to spend time with one another.
    Coupled with good food and a recent movie rental. That’s all you need for family timeReplyCancel

  • Joanne

    We do movie nights often. Lay out a picnic rug on the floor and replace healthy dinners with dips and nachos and hot chips. We remove the lounge. Leave all the cushions and have lots of blankets. Lights out. Popcorn. Lollies. And we allow soft drink! My three step children and husband all love it.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy Best

    We have never had an organized video night with all the trims. Kids often watch movies but my husband and I don’t really watch it with them. I think it is a fantastic idea to have the whole family do something together and go to the effort to make the experience as real as possible. I live over 600km from the nearest cinema so going to the movies is not really an option for us. Love this idea.ReplyCancel


    Make sure everyone agrees on the movie, start it early with popocorn and drinks pre-prepared. pause for an interval for snack refills and toilet breaks. Ensure there are plenty of cushions and blankets. Enjoy the time togetherReplyCancel

  • Joni

    I choose the most humourous movie possible since my kids range in age from late teens down to a 6 year old, since humour has a universal language. We all quote funny lines for months after…ReplyCancel

  • Frances

    A rare but memorable occurrence having all four of my boys + Mum and Dad watch the same movie – (aged 18 down to 7 years). Lots of fun and laughter when we do. Beautiful to see them all huddled together under tv blankets sharing family time.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    Top tips are:
    Start early, so the night is not toooo late for smaller kids.
    Make the room really dark (during the day the kids love that part too-adds to the excitement,my kids love that!!)
    I like home made popcorn with a small amount of icing sugar on top YUM!ReplyCancel

  • Bek

    Make the room dark and cool. Drag queen size mattress out with oodles of pillows n blankys for snuggling. Popcorn, maltesers and choc-tops.ReplyCancel

  • Grace

    Movie night for us means finger food dinner while we watch the show followed by delicious dessert with all lights off sitting on comfy cushions,right next to each other.The most important tip is to turn off all phones or ignore any calls, so that there would be no interruptions to the family time.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl S

    When we were lucky enough to have a new DVD the children and I would run around and have the movie night as soon as we had picked up the DVD and organised dinner and had everything ready so we didn’t have to leave the room again. Dinner would be eaten on the coffee table or laps depending on what it was while watching the movie cause we couldn’t wait! Lights were turned out and we would all be snuggled up with blankets.ReplyCancel

  • Suanne Sykes

    We love family movie nights. Preparation is keeping an eye on foxtel to phone in for suitable movies. Plenty of cushions and throws and having popcorn and cut up fruit ready to go. The best part is snuggles with Mr 5. One of those moments to cherish before they grow out of them.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Short

    Special family time with popcorn, healthy drinks (just don’t tell the kids) and a rotation of movies over 4 weeks (4 kids) each one given a choice of feature movie.

    We play a short dvd of cartoons, then have an intermission before the main movie, JUST like when I was a child.

    Can’t wait for the reaction when they get the “TICKETS” next session, thank you for the printable

    Best time in my world with familyReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    Many of the top tips have already been suggested in your blog post, but one major point that I would like to add is plan for a ‘half time’ break just like the intermission from the old cinema days.
    Its a good idea for restless children, especially when most have limited attention, it gives everyone a chance to use the bathroom and to restock food and drink.

    Now nobody misses the crux of the movie!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    Family movie night involves an early dinner of homemade pizzas on dough made by the kids, lots of pillows and blankets and the family snuggled on the lounge. These nights are planned around movie releases and some classic oldies like ‘The Goonies’ or ‘Back to the Future’. We watch the movie and eat a magnum or drumstick ice cream. It is loads of fun and we place bets on how much of the movie daddy will see before falling asleep.ReplyCancel

  • Heidi bruxe

    Movie nights are Friday nights. We usually pick one from Netflix and lay out their fold out couches and turn the lights and phones off. Kids set up their own couches with pillows and bedding and mum and dad organises the foodReplyCancel

  • Yvonne

    Turn all mobile phones off take the home phone off the hook, make sure the snacks aren’t sugar based as the kids won’t sleep after the movie. Nothing to stop you having movies on a rainy day, or during the day on the weekend especially when school starts. We often have movie nights, or movie marathon of the sequels in a dark room, surround sound, the grandkids love the cars zooming behind them etc. popcorn or other snacks. But especially enjoy our togetherness as a family with the grandkids. At Christmas we do our own kids home movies. Most of all cherish these special moments together which will create memories for our kids.ReplyCancel

  • Shell

    My top tips for a movie night are to not have a too big of a meal, if all the kids can have a say in the snacks it’s a good start, less complaining! Make the room dark, lots of snuggle blankets/doona’s, and make sure that Mum & Dad actually sit and watch the movie with the kids, no other screens allowed!ReplyCancel

  • Paula fitzpatrick

    We love Movie Night in our house, we call it Fam Jam Movie Time. We have snacks drinks and kids in jammies. Inevitably it’s us grown ups that have nodded off before the end of the movie.ReplyCancel

  • Phillip Cunningham

    As we have a 3D TV and player we’d be all wearing the 3D glasses and munching popcorn cooked with a minimum of butter and have glasses of cold water with ice cubes.ReplyCancel

  • Jen G


    #1 rule: The night has to be mobile free!
    Before starting the movie, send the kids for a wee.

    Pop a packet of popcorn in the microwave;
    Snuggle together – if the movie’s scary, it helps you be brave!

    Together laugh, scream, cry or smile in delight;
    It’s quality time, it’s your family movie night!!ReplyCancel

  • Marnie Quinn

    We love movie nights in our house. We take turns in choosing the movie and snuggle up together on the couch. I like you clean up the lounge first. Boys help then we chose snacks and get started. When I’m having an especially anxious day movie night snuggled with hubby and boys always relaxes me! Bliss.ReplyCancel

  • We often have movie nights.
    My kids are 5 and 7 and on movie nights we have an early dinner then bath.
    We all snuggle up on the couch with our doonas and some our favourite movies are old classic ones like “Mary Poppins”, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and most recently “Sound of Music” (they are singing Do Re Mi … all time now :))
    And we have pop corn – popped over the stove in some olive oil and with salt – you just can’t watch a movie with out pop corn 😉
    The plan is that the kids can fall asleep and I can put them straight to bed, but fact is that I am often the one falling asleep and waking up when the movie finish :)ReplyCancel

  • Brooke R

    My top tip for a family movie night that is enjoyed by all is going all out with the theme! We have a menu of dinner and snacks to match our selected movie. One of my girls favourite movie nights so far has been ‘Frozen’ where we indulged in troll stones (meatballs), Kristoff’s Ice Flakes (rice) and Sven’s Salad (carrots and beans) for our dinner!ReplyCancel

  • Flip

    We turn the dinner table to face the tv and they eat dinner and dessert while watching. Then they might get a lolly or choc to end.ReplyCancel

  • Aaron Kaczmarczyk

    Have everyone enter the movie they want to watch into a hat and whatever gets pulled out, everyone has to watch!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    Mattress in front of the TV with lots of blankets and pillows.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    We pick our movie days in advance. It gets everyone excited about it. They older ones research the movie and the little ones are better behaved when they are reminded abhor Movie night.

    We have a movie room that is just for movies and games and have the popcorn machine and drinks there.

    PJs, Picnic blankets, loads of pillows and blankets (and a couple of pull out mattresses) mean the kids can camp out if they want and if they fall asleep is OK to stay there. There’s no school in the morning so they love to be able to stay up a little later on movie night.

    I get more cuddles during movie night than any other time during our busy week. I love it.ReplyCancel

  • sandra dare

    Our movie night must haves are snacks, pillows, and obviously a movie :) some times we have a picnic in the lounge room (tea time) or the normal popcorn & lollies or a bowl of cut up apple & cheese xx we have a regular Friday night movie night during school terms – during holidays our movie nights can be almost every night.ReplyCancel

  • Megan

    We have come up with a list of movies we all want to watch, have written them out and take turns selecting one. That way we don’t spend a long time trying to choose a movie on the night.ReplyCancel

  • Aja

    We usually put a big mattress down and build a cubby to make it a bit more special. Heaps of pillows and squishy cushions, and plenty of snacks and drinks for everyone.ReplyCancel

Energy Muffins

Healthy energy muffins topped with lots of nuts and so delicious. Filling and satisfying it’s a great snack to have between meals.

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  • Amanda

    Hi Kat, just wondering if these muffins can be frozen once made? Thanks ?ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Amanda, I haven’t made these… yet, really looking forward to. But I freeze every muffin I make, and I would freeze these too!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    These look yummy…can’t wait to make them. Just wondering do you use fresh dates or the dried packaged ones? Thanks :-)ReplyCancel

Cherry Ripe Muffins

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these delicious Cherry Ripe Muffins. They are easy to make and a great after school treat for the kids.

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  • I’m not a fan of Cherry Ripes but our friends and family in the UK go wild for them. I’m going to take a sack load of them back with me next time and whip up some of these babies!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      ooh you say what Sammie….. they are so yummy!! Your family would love these if they are cherry ripe fans, aren’t you lovely taking some over!ReplyCancel

How to be an Organised Mum

Discover one mum’s secrets to being an organised mum. These tips will introduce some calm and order in your home.

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  • So many great ideas – thanks for the tips! xReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Renee was so lovely to share her tips!ReplyCancel

  • Julia K

    My two main tips are 1) to have an excellent wall calendar and 2) my “household organisation” binder

    1) Calendar
    Having a great wall calendar is a help. I have a large calendar on the wall right next to my desk.
    ALL TIME COMMITMENTS are immediately written on this calendar and I also use it to manage our finances.
    Regular time commitments such as dance classes, soccer practice etc are written on the calendar in black.
    Other time commitments (eg picking my husband up from the airport, sleepover dates) are written in blue ink.
    As I receive a bill in the post, I make a note of the amount eg Telstra $250 in red ink on the due date. The bill then gets filed in date order in my “payables” folder.
    I check the calendar regularly and this keeps me organised. I usually pay the bills once a week and this way I know when to move money around in our accounts and I don’t pay late fees or interest on credit cards.
    My children know to check the calendar for any commitments.
    I have experimented with many calendars over the years and have gone back to the “More Time Moms” family organiser. The only downside with this calendar is that it is produced in Canada so all the holidays are North American ones – not Australian. However, I am sad to say that I have not found anything as good locally. The advantages are as follows:
    * The calendar is BIG and has large squares for each day so there is plenty of room to write in all my families commitments
    * It is a 16 month calendar (running from Sept 2015 through December 2016. This is great for when you get all of those notes at the end of the year pertaining to the next school year and avoids having to scribble on the bottom of your December calendar – you can go right ahead and note your January and February commitments down in the proper spot !
    * The calendar has matt finish pages so it is EASY to write on (I hate annoying shiny paper for calendars – so hard to write on)

    2) Household Organisation Binder
    This is simply an A4 sized lever arch binder with a stack of dividers and plastic sheet holders. Each divider pertains to a section of your life eg School, Dancing, Medical, Travel etc. It’s like a huge “pending” tray that holds all of those temporary bits of paper eg notes for dancing, airline bookings, prescription repeats. Eg if I make a travel booking, I’ll note the details on my wall calendar and file the paperwork for the flights / car hire / accommodation etc in a plastic sheet holder under travel. It is great to have everything in one place and I don’t lose things.

    Hope these tips help someone.ReplyCancel

    • Renee

      Hi Julia,
      I recently found a great Large wall calendar at officeworks $18.95 AAG month wall calendar…
      I’ve been searching for a large calendar also.. It’s only 2016 (Jan -Dec) that I have seen but looks like what your after ?ReplyCancel

      • Julia K

        Thanks for the info on the Officeworks Calendar Renee – I’ll check it out.ReplyCancel

    • I’m a fan of those family calendars that have a column for each person – I used to get the Ultimate Family Organinser which had big spaces as well as six columns (one for Reg’s roster, and one each for the four of us, the dog and birthdays) BUT of course, when one has found the perfect calendar, it gets discontinued. I’ve used the Kikki.K one for the last two years and it’s not bad. There’s enough columns, space to write extra stuff on the bottom of the calendar, and it comes with stickers which is always fun. I use that in conjunction with a weekly planner that goes on the fridge (it has rosters, childcare, after school activities, which sheets are due to be changed next, the meal plan… It’s awesome, and I really notice when I don’t update it)ReplyCancel

    • Amanda Palmer

      Hi have you looked at the kikki-k large family calendar? I find that quite good a column for each Hamilton member & a square each for each day? I’m not familiar with the one you use to compare but it’s Australian?ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Great tips Julia a household binder will help to keep everything organised :)ReplyCancel

  • I’ve just recently returned to full-time work, after 19 years of being available and present in our home and for my children. This has required a whole other level of organisation I have required since I had my children!

    The biggest deal-breaker for me was coming home at 5.30-6.00pm and having to cook dinner. I. Just. Couldn’t. My 19yo has taken over this aspect of our family’s routine. She helps me with meal planning (partly a Uni assignment for her) and the shopping, and then she organises getting meals cooked. She is home from Uni two days a week, the other two kids cook one meal each in the week, but she is home by 4.30pm. On Friday’s we are all over the place so everyone gets their own food. This has been such a blessing to me, but it’s also been good for our kids to learn some valuable life skills they’ll need when they leave home.

    As for cleaning, I am about to approach a friend to outsource. We are all capable and competent but we are all majorly failing on this front.

    I still make lunches fresh, first thing in the morning. I hate “old” sandwiches and my kids are right there with me. I do this before anyone else is up, when the house is peaceful and we prevent the “I need all the space” fights in the kitchen. I’ve also found that my 15yo son won’t take lunch if he has to make it himself. It’s one of the last things that I still do for my kids and it feels like one small way I get to remind them I love them in a tangible way. Once they leave high school the deal is over and they figure it out on their own.ReplyCancel

    • I totally agree with outsourcing – I had to let my ‘staff’ go when my partner finished work a bit over a year ago. He’s been working casually for the last six months and I have struggled so badly (because it’s apparently *my* job – sore point, long story, many sighs abound, and I’ve re-hired my ironing fairy). Now he’s back working full time, I am looking into a cleaner because I just don’t want to. Ever.

      Dinner is 70/30 my way most nights, although it would average 60/40 over the course of the week. I cook the vegies and he cooks the meat.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      What a wonderful daughter you have to help you!ReplyCancel

  • Bec

    This seems to work in house. I have four children – 6, 5, 3, 3 years and although they are young they can still help out.

    “Ten Things” – before we leave home in the morning everyone needs to pick up and put away 10 things (sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less) This can be their own 10 things or just random things lying around the house. They count as they pick up and I don’t seem to get many complaints and because there are 4 of them, that’s 40 things I don’t have to put away.ReplyCancel

    • Julia K

      Bec – I think your “10 things” tip is brilliant !ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Love this so much I’m going to go share it on the facebook page, brilliant!!ReplyCancel

Slow Cooker Shredded BBQ Chicken

A very quick and easy weeknight meal, which is perfect for those busy evenings when you don’t have time to cook.

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  • Helen C

    With your slow cooker shredded chicken recipe, do you defrost the chicken breasts first?
    I can’t wait to try it!!
    Thanks HelenReplyCancel

    • Tina W

      I’m thinking that might be a typo, I’ve read you shouldn’t put any frozen meat in a slow cooker – I could be wrong tho!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      You can use either frozen or thawed, both for the same amount of time :)ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    This is so easy and versatile thank you. Could I use fresh fillets and halve the cooking time??ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Michelle, You can use frozen or fresh, but cook both for 8 hours on low. I’ve made it with both same times and just as delicious as each other.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly

    Sounds delicious, will definitely try this recipe! As chicken breasts vary so much in size, would you mind telling me approx what amount of chicken you use in weight (kilograms)? And also I’d be interested to know whether you put the chicken in slow cooker frozen or once defrosted too?? Many thanks.ReplyCancel

  • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

    Hi Kelly, each breast is roughly 250 grams each. You can use frozen or fresh breasts, but cook both for 8 hours on low. I’ve made it with both same times and just as delicious as each other.ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    Could you clarify Italian salad dressing ? ThanjsReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Similar to a french salad dressing, can be found in the aisle at the grocery store with mayo.ReplyCancel

  • romy

    If not using slow what options are available?ReplyCancel

  • Miriam

    We made the BBQ shredded chicken today. Oh YUMMY!!! It was sooo good!!!!!! We served it with salad (because I’d taken a nap instead of cooking veggies and rice like I’d planned! Haha!) and it was super delicious!!! There are 6 of us in our family and there was at least half of the shredded chicken left which I’m freezing in portions for lunches and pizza toppings.
    There was quite a lot of the sauce left in the slowcooker so I put 2kg of chicken drumsticks in and put that back on to cook too! I hate waste so this was ideal 😀
    Thanks so much for the fab recipe!!! Absolutely awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    Do you shred the chicken with a fork or put it in a blender? I’ve just put the chicken on to cook!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Kat's Assistant

    Hi Sarah, I like to shred the chicken using a fork, i find it much easier.:)ReplyCancel